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Hi everyone! I'm Jade, the CEO of CannaMLS. My team and I are so excited to be relaunching CannaMLS with new features, upgrades, and enhanced opportunities to connect buyers and sellers on an international scale. Feel free to message me here anytime with questions, concerns, or suggestions for how we can improve your experience on our website. Thank you for being part of the CannaMLS Community!

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CEO of CannaMLS

CannaMLS is the premier digital marketplace for buying and selling cannabis licenses, businesses, and green-zoned real estate around the world. Our listing catalog contains thousands of licensed cannabis facilities for sale or lease, including dispensaries, labs, and grows of all sizes. Search our database or connect with a CannaMLS PRO today to find your place in the cannabis industry!

Services Offered

Property search and acquisition: Identifying and securing suitable properties for cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and retail operations.

Financing and investment: Connecting clients with financing and investment opportunities for their cannabis businesses.

Market and competitive analysis: Providing clients with market research and insights to help them make informed decisions about their cannabis operations.

Sale and lease negotiations: Assisting clients in negotiating favorable lease terms and conditions for their cannabis businesses.

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