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James is a dynamic and passionate cannabis real estate broker based in Arizona, renowned for his extensive knowledge of the local market and a keen understanding of the unique intricacies of cannabis-related properties. With a deep-rooted love for soccer, James combines the strategic thinking and teamwork he's learned on the field with his professional approach to real estate, offering his clients a blend of meticulous planning, competitive spirit, and collaborative problem-solving.

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At NTM Phoenix, our focus extends beyond mere property transactions. We are committed to providing full-spectrum consulting services, guiding clients through the complexities of zoning laws, regulatory compliance, and market analysis. Our team, comprised of seasoned real estate professionals and cannabis industry insiders, offers tailored advice and insights, ensuring that every property decision is both strategically sound and compliant with state regulations.

Our mission is to empower cannabis entrepreneurs and businesses in Arizona, whether they are new entrants to the market or established players looking to expand. With Phoenix's dynamic growth and favorable business climate, we are uniquely positioned to identify opportunities that align with our clients' visions and objectives.

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Property search and acquisition: Identifying and securing suitable properties for cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and retail operations.

Zoning and permitting: Providing guidance and support in navigating the local and state regulations related to cannabis operations, including zoning and permitting requirements.

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