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Andrea is a Portland-based cannabis connector with a rich history in money management and risk coverage, boasting 10 years of experience. She's become the trusted figure for aspiring investors in the cannabis scene.

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MerchantLoup Cannabis Real Estate Brokers, rooted in the verdant landscape of Oregon, is a boutique firm that specializes in crafting unparalleled real estate journeys within the cannabis domain. Embodied by the spirit of the cunning and resourceful wolf, our ethos is guided by instinctive market knowledge and a pack-like dedication to our clientele.

Our firm is not just about transactions; it’s about forging a legacy in the fertile grounds of Oregon’s cannabis industry. MerchantLoup stands out with its unique blend of ecological awareness and a keen understanding of the symbiotic relationship between land and cultivator.

Services Offered

Property search and acquisition: Identifying and securing suitable properties for cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and retail operations.

Sale and lease negotiations: Assisting clients in negotiating favorable lease terms and conditions for their cannabis businesses.

Financing and investment: Connecting clients with financing and investment opportunities for their cannabis businesses.

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