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Patrice, from Colorado Springs, is a savvy dealer in the cannabis trade. He's got a solid background in finance and insurance, with 18 years under his belt. Nowadays, he puts that knowledge to use in the green sector, helping businesses grow, making sales happen, and offering advice

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Artelier Cannabis Real Estate, based in the vibrant state of Colorado, is a bespoke realty firm specializing in properties tailored for the cannabis industry. With a name that evokes the craftsmanship of an artist's workshop, Artelier is dedicated to masterfully crafting real estate solutions that cater to the nuanced demands of cannabis entrepreneurs.

Expertly navigating the intersection of real estate and cannabis law, Artelier offers an extensive portfolio of properties, including cultivation spaces, dispensaries, and infused-product manufacturers' sites. Our team of seasoned real estate professionals provides unparalleled guidance through the complex terrain of zoning, licensing, and compliance, ensuring that each property transaction aligns with state regulations and client ambitions.

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Property search and acquisition: Identifying and securing suitable properties for cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and retail operations.

Financing and investment: Connecting clients with financing and investment opportunities for their cannabis businesses.

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